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Meeting obligations.

Exceeding expectations.

As a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) Mobius will take care of your regulatory compliance and verification needs – so you can get on with running your business.


Individual Producer Responsibility

Three words that represent a major change in end-of-life product management. Around the world, businesses are facing a regulatory landscape that increasingly places the obligation to achieve collection and recovery targets for end-of-life products. 

This is particularly true in Ontario. For many producers affected by these changes, a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) is a key part of meeting the challenge the new regulations.

Starting in the tire industry in 2019, Mobius PRO Services has been focused on offering producers a solution that brings the best practices and risk management through our team’s deep experience in the global circular economy. In 2021, Mobius has expanded its range of services to support Producers in Electronics and Hazardous Special Products (HSP).


The Mobius PRO framework and expertise is ready to be customized to your needs.


Producers should never forget that Individual Producer Responsibility means exactly that. If your PRO fails to accomplish your collection and recovery targets - you are liable - not the PRO. Managing these risks begins with your choice of PRO.


New Responsibilities For Recycling Auto Service Materials Are Here.

Ontario has implemented a new regulatory framework effective Oct 1, 2021 that makes each producer responsible for the collection and management of Hazardous & Special Products. Mobius can assist Producers of used antifreeze and antifreeze containers,empty oil containers, oil filters and refillable pressurized containers to meet their regulatory obligations under Ontario Regulation 449/21.

Our PRO Programs


What makes us different?

Mobius is founded by a leadership team with ownership and management experience in businesses much like those of its customers. We are the only independent PRO that is not attached to any set of hauling, processing, or retreading assets.


With this independence Mobius works with the entire market to manage risks and costs to ensure that its customers are on a level playing field when it comes to meeting their regulatory compliance and verification needs. Mobius takes the time to inform its customers of all aspects of their compliance responsibilities, costs, and risks.

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