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Why Mobius PRO?


We are the only independent Canadian PRO that is not founded by an industry association or influenced by investments in any set of hauling, processing, or retreading assets. This means that we can work tirelessly and objectively to find the most efficient market solutions to meet your regulatory obligations and manage your compliance risks. This also means that we establish and maintain a broad set of relationships to optimize market opportunities through collaboration.


Mobius’ management have decades of experience in the circular economy. We have direct experience in automotive, tires, batteries, electronics, and plastics industries. We have worked for and with producers, collectors, haulers, processors, and regulators in Ontario, Canada and globally. We have the knowledge and experience to build and create the optimal compliance solution.

Efficient and effective. 

Mobius’ management team has diverse business backgrounds, as both entrepreneurs and seasoned executives in large multinational organizations. We understand that the time and resources our clients spend managing their regulatory obligations rarely does anything for their top line. Mobius constantly looks at ways which we can streamline the process from end-to-end.


The Mobius platform is built to manage compliance risk in the most cost-efficient and sustainable manner possible for multiple end-of-life product streams. Starting with tires, expanding into electronics and now Hazardous Special Products (HSP), Mobius can offer a “one-stop shop” for companies that have obligation and compliance needs in multiple product categories.

Your company competes. Why shouldn’t your PRO?

Often established as monopolies under previous regulations, other PROs may resist the transition to a competitive market for their services to benefit their producer clients, Mobius embraces it.


Ask yourself this: When was the last time you ever felt well served by a monopoly?


For the first time in Ontario most producers have a choice of PROs with which to work. Mobius is a business focused, independent expert PRO offered as an alternative to previous monopolistic IFOs.  Competition fosters better market efficiencies, innovation and better customer service.


Mobius is nimble. Our in-depth knowledge of the regulations and our clients’ markets allow us to meet specialized needs or unique supply-chain considerations faced by newly obligated companies and products. 

We can use our own end-to-end mobile-device data collection technology or integrate with the existing systems utilized by current service providers.


Mobius manages the flow of end-of-life materials from point of collection through to final disposition, achieving required recovery rates and other specific compliance obligations. 

Audit Security and Quality

Mobius’ results are assurance audited by a leading global accounting firm, BDO. Our legal resources are provided by BLG, Canada’s largest national law firm.

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