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Our Story


Mobius PRO Services is a provider of Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) services to producers who need to ensure they are meeting their obligations stemming from Ontario’s Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act.

Mobius executives have first-hand and deep experience in tire and tire recycling industries, and the global electronics recycling industry. Mobius has experience from within industry funding organizations (IFOs), collections/events, recycling, and multinational circular economy regulatory design. Since 2016, Ontario has instituted legislative changes that affect producers (tires, batteries, electronics) and will continue to add other product categories.

Being a PRO is Mobius’ only business.


Mobius PRO Services enables its customers to meet their legal obligations to collect and recover materials by operationalizing all producers’ regulatory obligations. 

This includes transacting with reliable service providers who flow the materials through the recycling or reuse process, tracking through an industry leading system that “connects the dots” from collection to recovery and is monitored to ensure that producers’ obligations are completely met. Mobius undertakes all auditing obligations to ensure that all collection and recovery activities meet the regulatory requirements.  Mobius supports producers through their annual reporting process to ensure they achieve complete compliance with the applicable regulations in the most efficient manner possible.

“Mobius will take care of your regulatory compliance and verification needs — so you can get on with running your business.”


It’s all about management of risks at the most efficient cost.

If you sell tires or equipment with tires on, electronics, oil filters, antifreeze or automotive plastics - you don’t want to be an expert on these laws and regulations.


But you want to have one working for you.


The basic premise for Mobius PRO Services is this: All producers deserve the services of a PRO dedicated to reducing their risks and costs around regulatory compliance. There are other PROs in the market that are off shoots of transportation and processing companies, or the previous monopolistic industry funding organizations (IFO). There is no question that these transportation and processing companies, or the previous IFO are a necessary and vital part of Ontario’s collection and processing requirements. But ask yourself this: Is their business model about regulatory compliance and lowering your costs - or driving their revenue? Do they offer you a competitive alternative to what you have been forced to use in the past?


Working with Mobius means you benefit by working with the PRO that is free to shop the entire market for the best methods to achieve collection and recovery on behalf of its producers. Mobius does not put all your eggs in one basket. Over time, the exposure to competition assures producers that their costs reflect efficiencies and improvements are reflected in your cost every month and every year. We build relationships to best manage your risks and costs.


Mobius is focused on bringing peace of mind to producers who can rely on our deep industry experience and knowledge

Mobius customers include all types of obligated Producers such as manufacturers, OEMs, dealers, distributors, and Equipment Rental companies who want the confidence that their environmental obligations are taken care of - so they can continue to focus on the core of their business.


What makes us different?

Mobius is founded by a leadership team with ownership and management experience in businesses much like those of its customers. We are the only independent tire PRO that is not attached to any set of hauling, processing, or retreading assets.


With this independence Mobius works with the entire market to manage risks and costs to ensure that its customers are on a level playing field when it comes to meeting their regulatory compliance and verification needs. Mobius takes the time to inform its customers of all aspects of their compliance responsibilities, costs, and risks.

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