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Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Maury Shnier


Maury Shnier has been involved in Ontario tire recycling programs since 2011, when he was head of one of Canada’s largest specialty tire suppliers.


At the time, the Ontario Tire Stewardship program faced significant mounting deficits for the entire OTR (off-the-road) category. Maury worked with a variety of stakeholders - including government ministries and agencies and other tire industry stakeholders - to create a solution that resolved the deficit funding impasse and put Ontario’s OTR tire diversion program on a sustainable footing until the OTS windup in 2019.


Maury’s executive and ownership roles in a variety of wholesale distribution industries gives him a unique perspective on what businesses need in order to respond to the challenge presented by Ontario’s new regulations. Maury was engaged by eTracks Tire Management Systems in a key advisory role from startup in mid-2018 until late 2019.


Seeing a gap in the market for PRO services where small and mid-market producers were being under-served, Maury formed Mobius PRO Services to offer independent PRO services.


Jonathan Cocker


Jonathan D. Cocker joined Canada’s largest law firm, Borden Ladner Gervais in October 2020. Prior to this, he headed up Baker McKenzie's Environmental Practice Group in Canada.


Jonathan is an active participant on sustainability, resource recovery and other product regulatory issues in a number of national and international industry associations and was recently appointed as the first Sustainability Officer of the International Bar Association.


Jonathan is a frequent speaker and writer on environmental and product regulatory matters and has been actively participating in initiatives around sustainable fashion, end-of-life electronics, battery and lighting recycling, packaging and plastics regulation, tire resource recovery, biogas, and commercial food waste diversion matters.


Jonathan negotiated Canada’s first municipal solid waste-to-energy sourcing agreement and participated in the founding of one of North America's first circular economy Producer Responsibility Organizations. He is author of the third edition of The Environment and Climate Change Law Review (Canada Chapter) and the Encyclopedia of Environmental Law (Chemicals Chapter).


His most recent publications include “Extended Producer Responsibility Models for Delivery Design for the Environment” in Law Text’s Environmental Liability – Law, Policy and Practice and "Independent Producer Responsibility and North America’s First Circular Economy Law" published in the inaugural edition of Detritus, the International Waste Management Journal. Jonathan will be contributing the Canadian chapter of the “Global Status of Implementation of Circular Economy” as a member of the Consortium of Researchers for International Collaboration.

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