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Collect and recover oil filters, antifreeze, or automotive plastics associated with antifreeze and oil?



This subset of the HSP materials is unique in its collection and recovery and Mobius is dedicated to serving this niche.


Haulers working with Mobius collect Automotive HSP materials and transport them to authorized processors to achieve required recovery results.

  • Residual used oil is collected from oil filters and re-refined and reused.

  • Metal from oil filters is recycled through scrap metal smelting.

  • Antifreeze is refined and used to make new glycol products

  • Plastic from oil and antifreeze containers is used as recycled content in various molded and extruded products.



For producers looking for a change, particularly those looking for more dedicated support to their unique business needs consider Mobius as your solution.  Often established as monopolies under previous regulations, other PROs may resist the transition to a competitive market for their services to benefit their producer clients.  Mobius embraces it. We differentiate ourselves through service and results to reduce your risk in the most efficient manner possible.



Mobius is not associated through ownership with any part of the supply chain, so we will work tirelessly to find the most efficient market solutions for you. With this independence, we utilize our connections with collectors, haulers, and processors - harnessing the best practices from around the globe. We understand the business of collection and recovery.  Mobius is known for its unique solutions to compliance challenges.



One solution does not fit all.  Mobius is dedicated to finding flexible solutions to meet each producers’ needs.  Whether that involves unique pricing options (pay per tonne or pay per unit), unique recovery options that recognize your firm's role in the collection and recovery cycle, or a whole host of other options, Mobius will work with you to meet your needs. Mobius multi-material capabilities can also serve producers across products, regulations and geographies.



For producers who want peace of mind, Mobius provides as part of its service detailed audit capabilities to track HSP from point of origin to final point of disposition. With a depth of experience in tracking materials, Mobius’s software systems and technology will ensure strong trace-ability around this function. Experience with the audit protocols globally and in Ontario  provides Mobius with the experience to achieve compliance and peace of mind.


New Responsibilities For Recycling Auto Service Materials Are Here.

Ontario has implemented a new regulatory framework in 2021 that makes each producer responsible for the collection and management of their used antifreeze and antifreeze containers, oil filters and empty oil containers.


The province’s Hazardous and Special Products (HSP) Regulation including antifreeze, oil containers and oil filters, took effect October 1, 2021.

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